“ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website is a portal site for tourist information in Okinawa operated by the Okinawa Convention and Visitors Bureau (hereafter referred to as “OCVB”).  Any use of this site is considered to be made with consent to the below agreement and all agreements that correspond to it.   OCVB may make additions or modifications to various regulations including this agreement as necessary, without informing site user. At such times, as it is not possible to inform every site user, please refer to the latest use agreement at the time of use. Furthermore, this agreement and the agreements corresponding to it take priority in cases where by any chance inconsistencies arise in the details of all explanatory materials and information when using “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website.

1. Services provided by ADD ON OKINAWA! Campaign website

Internet connection is necessary for the use of “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website. On using, the necessary hardware, software, and communication devices must be prepared by site users at their own responsibility. OCVB will have no involvement in the preparation and method of internet connection. Site users are requested to acknowledge in advance that OCVB cannot accept any enquiries regarding this matter.  Okinawa Story is currently operating a variety of services, such as information. Regarding the content of these services, OCVB reserves the right to modify, suspend, or transfer the contents to another service without notifying the site users.

2. Guarantees of system administration and information

“ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website consents to all internet users’ searching and browsing of information, but offer no guarantees whatsoever regarding service contents, system reliability, and access results. OCVB carries out information management at its discretion regarding the published information, but this does not guarantee the validity of said information. Should site users suffer any kind of disadvantage as a result of information published on Okinawa Story,OCVB cannot accept any responsibility. 
Okinawa Story offers absolutely no guarantees that:

  1. Services will satisfy site user’s requirements
  2. No kind of inconvenience or error will occur at the time of provision of service.
  3. Information is accurate.
  4. Services or products acquired as result of information published on “ADD ON OKINAWA!”

Campaign website will meet the expectations of site users. All uses of “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website is made at the site user’s own accountability.
In cases where it is discovered that information is mistaken, seriously lacking in validity or contrary to the interests of public order and morals, the service will be investigated as soon as notification is received, and where it is judged necessary, amendments will be made as required. Regarding tenant users using the tenant service, should it be judged necessary by OCVB, information may be instructed to be amended or deleted, and services may be suspended. This is in accordance with the separately stipulated ‘Published Information Agreement’ given to tenants, which concerns the rights and responsibilities of information.

3. Privacy policy

The handling of site user’s information is in accordance with the separately stipulated “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website ‘Privacy Policy’

4. Handling of links

“ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website offers links to a large number of external websites and resources. These are outside of “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website’s control and OCVB cannot accept responsibility for any kind of disadvantage suffered by site users as a result of their contents.

5. OCVB property rights

OCVB owns the property rights for all information and services on “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website, excluding cases where the Provider of the information is not OCVB. Any reproduction, public release, transmission, distribution, transfer, translation, consent of use, reprinting, or reuse without the consent of OCVB is prohibited. Site users must agree in advance that in cases where there is a violation of the above, OCVB may demand an appropriate amount of the profits gained by the offending party. 

6. Notifications and contact

OCVB may notify or contact “ADD ON OKINAWA!” Campaign website users on the server or by e-mail as necessary. ADD ON OKINAWA! site users may contact OCVB by mail or by e-mail as necessary.


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